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377,876 Records
377,876 Records
Collected from Realtor.com
Complete Fields
Complete Fields
Full Name, Email Address, Cell Phone, Website, Office Name, City, Address and …
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Each entry includes a direct link to the realtor’s official Realtor.com profile, enabling precise verification of all listed details.
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Amazing Database of Realtors and Real Estate Agents in USA with Full Name, Email, Phone, Address, Website, Picture, Social Link, Profile URL on realtor.com & etc. in csv / excel format.

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*This data collected from Realtor.com so you can check all realtors one by one on realtor.com!

Detailed Database Fields

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Agent Full Name
Agent Email Address
Agent Office Phone
Agent Cell Phone
Office Name
Social Media Link
Agent Profile Link (Realtor.com)
State & City
Agent Website
About Agent (Description)
Years of Experience
Agent Pic URL
Office Address (Street, City, Zip, …)
Agent's Office City
Recently Sold Count
Recently Sold Max
Fax & ...

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Updated in June 2024

Alabama (3,010)
Alaska (401)
Arizona (13,104)
Arkansas (2,452)
California (44,542)
Colorado (8,240)
Connecticut (126)
Delaware (1,286)
Florida (52,272)
Georgia (11,166)
Hawaii (2,073)
Idaho (2,446)
Illinois (15,735)
Indiana (5,604)
Iowa (2,808)
Kansas (2,950)
Kentucky (3,417)
Louisiana (4,107)
Maine (10)
Maryland (6,233)
Massachusetts (117)
Michigan (9,082)
Minnesota (6,418)
Mississippi (1,858)
Missouri (6,701)
Montana (1,592)
Nebraska (1,301)
Nevada (5,510)
New Hampshire (21)
New Jersey (382)
New Mexico (1,848)
New York (14,062)
North Carolina (12,694)
North Dakota (584)
Ohio (12,455)
Oklahoma (2,427)
Oregon (4,336)
Pennsylvania (11,835)
South Carolina (6,345)
South Dakota (634)
Tennessee (7,798)
Texas (30,156)
Utah (2,599)
Virginia (10,102)
Washington (4,527)
West Virginia (742)
Wisconsin (5,127)
Wyoming (828)

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Realtors: 377,876 (Zero Duplicates)
Email Addresses: 230,138
Cell Phone: 356,500
Updated: June 2024 (Free Updates)
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